About the Game

Heroes of Karth: Deathmatchis a fantasy-themed strategy deck-building card game based on the creator's Heroes of Karth Book Series. Deathmatch can be played with 2-4 players. Players try and outplay their opponent’s strategy where the cards are the game pieces and each player needs to bring cards on the Battlefield, out-maneuvering their opponent, all while managing their gold. This game has a multitude of different varieties of play. Manage your resources so you have enough gold to afford to hire units, mercenaries and heroes. Utilize a wide range of strategies including webs, spells, pets, magic items, traps, stealth units, and totems. Through mixing the use of a card deck and a playing "field" (terrain cards) placement of your cards can make the difference between a win or a loss.

Our first product line will have ten different themed decks to suit different strategies (Archers, Spiders, Necromancers, Warriors, Thieves, Mages, Beastmasters, Druids, Rangers, and Bombers). You can also collect cards that will be non-randomized so you know exactly what you get from each pack. You will be able to adjust your decks to suit your own style. Our first product line comes with over 220 individual cards that will be sold at competitive prices so you can create unlimited varieties of different decks without having to empty your bank account in the process. 

Tournament Play

Players can also play in tournament modes using a tournament format. We have created a Heroes of Karth App to help track gold, kills and mana (free to download on android with an Apple format coming soon). This summer we will also be providing special access to our website for administrators to set-up tournaments. Players will be able to use the app to receive player ratings based on number of wins and losses. Highly skilled players will be invited to specially hosted tournaments. The official tournament rules include 1v1, best of 3 matches with no more than 2 decks from the same faction. More on HoK tournament plans will be posted after our Kickstarter scheduled for this summer.

Product Launch

The first of our product line is available now on The Game Crafter! Enjoy the Deluxe Edition (the full game complete with the Warrior and Necromancer Decks, dice and coins). The Mines of Taas Dungeon Adventure Pack is also available where you can play as the DM against up to 3 players. To add more deck variety we also released the Archer deck! Stay tuned as following close behind we will release the Spider deck and a series of Booster packs!! The rest of the product line will come post Kickstarter.


Kickstarter - August 2017

We have a busy summer planned with the launch of our Kickstarter to raise the additional money we need to complete the colored art for the remaining decks!

Kickstarter Expansion Highlights:

We have some exciting expansion plans including:

  • Dwarves vs. Orcs
    • Catapult and balista terrain cards
    • Dwarf Explorers (can affect terrain cards)
    • Orc Slavers
  • RPG Mines of Taas Dungeon Adventure Pack
    • One player acts as Dungeon Master with Mines of Taas terrain cards
    • All the other players are limited to their heroes but they can respawn if they die
    • The first to 35 kills wins!
  • Capture the Flag Game Pack
    • Bring your opponents flag back to your base as another win condition
  • Shard Hero Pack
    • Enjoy 8 new Shard heroes each with their own unique skills
  • Allegiance Hero Pack
    • Enjoy 8 new Allegiance heroes each with their own unique skills
  • Humans vs. Undead
    • New spell caster classes, Rideable steeds
    • Human Necromancers
    • Mass undead mummies, shades, ghosts..
  • RPG Dying Forest Adventure Pack
    • One player acts as Dungeon Master with Dying Forest terrain cards
    • All the other players are limited to their heroes but they can respawn if they die
    • The first to 35 kills wins!

 For more info on our Kickstarter click here.